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Plott Palm Trees Girls

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PALM GIRLS FOR AUG 2014 Click Here To Read The FULL STORY HERE IN THE DESCRIPTION FOR EACH MONTH Palm Girl Of The month July 2014     Click Here To Read The FULL STORY HERE IN THE DESCRIPTION FOR EACH MONTH June 2014 Palm Girl ROCKIN RHONDA † The Eden Tree ∆ Girls Of The Year At PLOTTPALMTREES.COM Eric Plott· from Eric Plott on Vimeo. Dec 11, 2013∆ Theodora † Congrats You Are The Palm Girl For The Month Of December... Please Won't You Listen To Her Sweet Voice Here? •Here is her picture that judges selected as the WINNING PALM GIRL OF THE MONTH! CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL THE PALM GIRLS! In Selecting This Palm Tree Girl Of The Month, We Decided To Get Two Coconuts With One Rock; . So, We Made This Little Future Star (Already Is A Superstar) Not Only The Palm Tree Girl Of The Month, For The Structure And Face Of Truth For This Cold And Refreshing Season, But We Made Theodora, The Singer Of her Very Own Music Video (With Lyrics Below) & She Gets To Show Off Each Palm Girl For EACH MONTH OF THE YEAR! In The Round Up PALM TREE GIRLS MOVIE OF THE YEAR!!! Watch The Playlist Of Palm Tree Girls Collocational Videos And/or Movies HERE: ∆Eden Tree∆ I stand with you here, innocent, without fear,indifferent to what should be so clear. And I can't sense the spell, the spell of Eden Tree. You stand before me, unmoving, tempting me,promising a world and life to be. And you offer your love, the fruit of Eden Tree. (chorus) Serpentine,temptress-queen, must you make life so hard? Let me be,set me free and stop what shouldn't start, Let me be,set me free from what should never be. You wear a gold band, wedding ring, still you stand,offering what's not mine to command. And I'm under your spell, the spell of Eden Tree. I look in your eyes, lost in sight, though I try,I can't fight your view of paradise. And love is bitter-sweet, the fruit of Eden Tree. (chorus) God above,secret love, why do you tempt me so? Holding me,loving me like I have never known. Holding me,loving me under the Eden Tree... _______________________
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Plott Palm Trees Girls, What Is That? PLOTTPALMTREES.COM

      ALOHA! We Just Wanted To Thank You Palm Tree Girls For Your Support By Sending Us Your Pictures To Us On A Monthly Base Since Day One. We Have A Plethora Of Pictures That Come In, So We Are Swamped With Palm Tree Girls That Want To Support Our Cause And Experiments. Now, It Has Been An Entire Year Since We Started And Since Then You Girls Have Been The Perfect Model(s) Of Beauty, Success, And Ladylike Virtues. "Girls Make Excuses And Women Make Change. " ~E.G.Plott~ We Have Decided To Make A Video Dedicated To Your Gorgeous Efforts To Be Apart Of History In The Making At Tropical Missouri. We Let People Know That You Can Experience The BEST Of Both Worlds With Rich And Fertile Imaginations, Future, And Investment. You Help Encourage Our Efforts, For That Many Thank Yous And Tropical Hugs. If You Are In This Video, I Have Sent It To You To Let You Know I Appreciate You As An Individual And I Love The Expression That You Manifest On Our Business; You Will Always Be Remembered As A Major Front To This Tropical Breeze That Is Swaying In On The Midwest With Great Power And Grace. It Is Far From The End And Only The Beginning, But We Know Through Christ Jesus We Have Already Won The Race. Success Is A Journey And Not A Destination ~E.G.Plott~ To A Healthy Future : If You Are Not A Palm Tree Girl And You Would Like To Know How To Be One, Please Send Me A Message Here Or Email Me At Guidelines Are As Follow: Must Be 18 Or Older To Submit. Must Be Dressed & Posed Appropriately Select A Sub-Tropical, Tropical, Exotic Plant Or Palm Tree To Model With. (Can Be More Than One Girl & NO MALES) -Only One Picture Is Chosen Per Month And With This Follows An Agreement To Be The Highlight Of All Social Networking Sites, Websites, Calenders, Magazines, And Videos That Are Made And Produced By PlottPalmTrees.Com TBTBS © 2010-2012.  
CONGRATS TO ALL PLOTT PALM TREE GIRLS! YOU ARE THE SCRUCTURE To Our Business And What We Are About; Beautiful Accented With Beauty And Cool Ideas... The Best In The MidWest- At PLOTTPALMTREES.COM We Aren't Necessarily About Being The BIGGEST Business In The World, But The BEST Business For The World ~E.G.Plott~ TOLL-FREE 1-855-841-9659 PlottPalmTrees.Com -200 South Old 63 Suite 204, Columbia, Missouri 65201 (573-489-5509)- PLEASE BE 18 OR OLDER AND BE PROPERLY DRESSED- POSED NEXT TO A PALM TREE OR OTHER EXOTIC- THE CONTEST ENDS BEFORE THE END OF EACH MONTH, So Put In Now While Your Favorite Month Is Coming Up! YOU WILL BE THE HIGHLIGHT AND STRUCTURE OF PLOTT PALM TREEs WINNERS GET TO BE ON THE YEARLY CALENDER THEY GET THEIR OWN MOVIE AT THE END OF THE YEAR AND ANY PLOTTPALMTREES.COM PRODUCTIONS PRODUCED THAT MONTH ARE SHOWCASED AND SNUCK IN PALM GIRLS *TEES AND OTHER MERCHANDISE WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE AS WELL. Please Submit Before The End Of The Month To Give Our Judges Enough Time To Select The Winner ALL CONTESTANTS ARE WINNERS AND NO ONE LOSES IN THIS CONTEST. You Are All Winners According To God.     Eric, I am proud of you for being a successful leader & coming up with such a healing power defined as the Moringa Tribe Society. You have changed a lot of great lives; without you, no one would be satisfied by the magic of Moringa Sop and it's physical properties. Please take advantage and do what you must do, it is a great feeling. You are a wise man, and I favor your general health needs. Stay strong, brother. I love you, man." READ MORE HERE: •†∆• Who Is This Guy? CLICK HERE•†∆• •†∆• RAW PLOTT •†∆• •†∆• COCONUT CLARE CONSCIOUS COOKING RAW VEGAN TV •†∆• •†∆• PLOTTS HEALTH CHANNEL•†∆• •†∆• ERIC PLOTT MOVIE CHANNEL•†∆• •†∆• TROPICAL CHANNEL 573 research n fun•†∆• •†∆• STAY CONNECTED AND SAVE MONEY- DOWNLOAD OUR FREE MIRACLE TREE AP Right Here.•†∆• •†∆• LATEST SNOOPS •†∆• **** REVIEWS: WEBSITE Money Keeps Us Alive... But Our Health Is Our Greatest Wealth. If You Get 40 That Like It You Will See 10 That Don't. #Why Let 10 Bring You Down When 40 Can Bring You Up. ~E.G.Plott~


Jennifer Bailey 

Here are some reviews that were sent to you Eric... I think you are a wonderful boss and person in general. With limitless amounts of ideas and genius. I look forward to all your posts, update videos, and new ideas in landscaping and health profession. Everyone should have a friend like you and trusted business to go to for any words of advice. I trust you and will always support your business in any way I can! Jennifer Jasmine Washington Jasmine Washington Re-order Public Relations at Democratic National Committee "Eric Plott is very passionate which is a quality that I can appreciate. He possesses a great amount of expertise. I particularly enjoy his enthusiasm and creative approach. It is very rare that a person is afforded the luxury of truly enjoying the work that they do. Eric is one of those lucky people. Eric Plott is dedicated to bettering the lives of others while at the same time introducing diversity to Missouri horticulture. Eric's work is exceptional and outstanding!less" May 29, 2013, Jasmine was Eric's client Josh Reams Re-order Owner-Operator at Central Missouri Tree Care LLC "Eric is very knowledgeable about palm trees. A very innovative thinker." March 7, 2013, Josh was Eric's client Natalia Pardalis Re-order Music Review at CoreSeven "Eric is extremely knowledge about palm trees. I have learnt so much about the care of palms trees from him. I would recommend Eric to anyone who wants to purchase a palm tree." February 13, 2013, Natalia was Eric's client gilles caillet Re-order Site Manager with GE Converteam "Eric is a very good manager, i like his work he is very efficient" February 8, 2013, gilles was with another company when working with Eric at Plott Palm Trees Kathy Stith-Demirefe Re-order City Clerk at City of Higbee "Eric knows everything there is to know about Palm Trees! His landscape ideas are excellent and he always hires the best workers to carry out his plans. Eric and his crew are polite, neat and clean up after themselves. Eric is excellent at working with his clients to stay within their budget and runs a tight ship." February 4, 2013, Kathy was Eric's client Arch Brooks Re-order CEO / Software Engineer at Brooks Computing Systems "Eric displays a high degree of professionalism with each endeavor. He is conscientious and very thorough His compassion is rivaled only by his ability to provide spot in information. February 4, 2013, Arch was with another company when working with Eric at Plott Palm Trees" mike Rose Re-order Owner, Alpha & Omega Electric "Eric will get the job done. His expertise will make sure that you taken care of. February 3, 2013, mike was with another company when working with Eric at Plott Palm Trees" Cathy Robb Re-order caregiver at Life Christian Outreach "Eric Plott is a hard working knowledgeable person who really tries to help people with health issues. He has done research himself or tapped into others that have conducted research on the products he sells. His knowledge of Moringa is terrific. I have been very pleased and impressed with his help with the attributes of Moringa as well as his knowledge of his growing of palm trees. " February 3, 2013, Cathy was with another company when working with Eric at Plott Palm Trees Moringa Exotic Plant Dealer-Saving Peoples Lives PlottPalmTrees.Com Jose Antonio Iglesias Bañuelos Re-order ? BANK TO BANK ? "ERIC is The Man To Go To If You Are Looking at Expertise And Quality In ANY Environment. Thank You Mr.Plott, You Are A Gentleman And A Scholar; If There Be a Man Better He Would Surely Be Your Twin, Offering Many Successful Years To Department of PlottPalmTrees.Com, Your Versatility And Hard-work, DO NOT Go Unnoticed By The Status-Quo, We Recognize And Honor Your Persistent Efforts To Progress And Stablizeless February 4, 2013, Jose Antonio was Eric's client Marilynn Holmes Re-order South University & National Paralegal College "I am always looking for tropical plants, and Eric fills the bill.""

Eric's Reply

HERE IS SOME OTHER REVIEWS THAT ARE ON OUR NEW WEBSITE: The 1000% Truth Concerning The First & Only And Cannot Be Repeated! A Tropical Missourah. Written by Dr.Eric Geoffrey Leonard Plott 1) My Venture is for profit. Want To See How We Ship Some Of Our Products Out? Click Here 2) My Company is one of a kind more than most, actually to the point were we have the market completely cornered. What do we have? Well, We have palm trees. That grow in Missouri. Year-Round. OUTDOORS. Don't believe me? Well, I have about 20 Palm trees in my front and backyard now, that are 12-15 feet tall. I have been growing palm trees and subtropical plants right in my yard here in Missouri for over three years now. SUCCESSFULLY. They grow here. What is special about us at PlottPalmTrees.Com is the aspect of taking the Show-Me State on an adventure to help accent the already beautiful landscape of the Midwest. We have first-hand knowledge on how to initiate growing palm trees and pulling it off each year. How-so? Well, I have a major youtube channel, five to be exact and I am connected on all the social networks to stay connected with my friends, family, audience, and customers. They get to see frequent updates in the visual vortex of a movie, video, or just pictures that ever single claim I make is truth. I have some really heavy claims, but my momma always told me that as long as I had the evidence to back it up, it may be hard-hitting, but it is what it is until it changes. So then it is the truth; some know that truth is stranger than fiction and no matter how strange I seem to the world, I will always remain with the truth in my heart. The idea kind of just fell on my lap and in just the first year we actually won four awards for our idea, we won a film festival, we were on KOMU channel 8, and the KMFC radio. On our third year of successfully overwintering palm trees and other exotic hardy plants, we are accumulating a growing and amazingly Global audience of over 2 million new contacts per year and exceeding the boundaries of limitation. My videos even recently got the attention from Harvard University; they liked them so much, they actually accepted me! So set aside from being the first business to pioneer palm trees to the Midwest and all similar climates, we also found something even more spectacular. While we had many ups on this Journey to bring a taste of the tropics to the Missourian woodlands, there came some hard down-falls on us, in a more personal way. My father had been diagnosed with Diabetes, like many Americas today, we know someone or we are that one that has to deal with the constant struggle of a unwanted illness or health complication. So, what does this have to do with my idea? Glad, you asked. Being the natural research and observer that I am, I Went ahead and studied a bit out of my field; more into a health aspect. I feared my father was going to die, as he wasn't doing well at all. I researched to find that in America one in three get cancer and diabetes is even more common. Where 67% Americans are overweight and 33% are obese. So, researched for cures that were not drugs, because those seemed like they weren't doing anything, but making the issue worse. Long story short, I discovered the Most Nutritional And Anti-Oxidant rich plant in the world. Big deal? Well, actually yeah, it was. I Managed to convince my dad into taking it; set-aside from its strong plant-line taste and spinach flavor. It didn't take too much, considering my dad would try anything at this point, to maintain staying alive. So, he took it, and I kid you not, It was not even just three weeks later that his doctor said that he no longer had diabetes. His blood was like that of a teenager again and it was perfect. It fixed his pancreas even. Too much of a miracle to believe? Well, no wonder they call it the Tree Of Miracles then. Not all will believe in A Miracle, but Don't give up before the Miracle Happens. Of course diabetes is more of a life style than a sickness, it is a disfunction of the organs, a depletion or absence of nutrients, and it CAN be reversed with nutrition. Since, I Have been sharing with the public about the scientific facts of this plant, I have actually acquired a great deal of testimonials with similar and same results. You can view these real people on my website recommendations page in the Moringa Shop. I have been selling this cure for sometime now, it is not only saving lives, but making me have the income I need to continue to research more on this plant and present to the public (Not quite like a doctor who can make a whopping 500-5000 dollars a month on Chemo Drugs per month, that alone will kill you). This tree on record, with John Hopkins research papers (And many others, all present on my website), proves to cure & prevent over 300 Different diseases including cancer and diabetes.See More

Lorraine Kay 

I met Eric through mutual fb friend Ian Jacklin (iCureCancer) who works healing through the use of Cannabinoids which no one needed to convince me of. Like Ian, I had known about Moringa through various friends/sites/groups but had never really looked into until...Eric. Like Ian, he knows his stuff and have followed them both. The video they did together was a bit rough to get through (only 25 minutes in and I was done) "You may want to to another show," just sayin. Since I am a total believer in both, I was saved from this but if you don't know the truth...yet, it's well worth struggling through. I am a firm believer in "Question Everything," and trust few...playing connect the dots in a world of dis-information is not fun (at all) but, we must if we ever hope to survive through the plethora of toxic garbage we are continually exposed to 24/7/365...not just Tell Lie Vision/Lame-stream Media as it's everywhere. Having said that...Ian Jacklin and Eric Plott are the only two people I fully support for their work/passion on healing. Yes, there are many but if you're looking for the BEST of the BEST...look no further. Whoever said "you can't buy health," LIED...It's just been kept from us. Don't take my word for it I said "Question Everything!" Follow them both...they'll be happy to answer any of your questions and see for yourself. I would like to add that I'm vegan and eat clean. I don't allow any toxins to infiltrate my mind/body, which has been hard given that the "Green Movement" was funded by the 1% and they also support "Monsanto." They always fund both sides of every war so I don't trust either...two sides of the same coin. So...I now also fully endorse "PH strips," to make sure my system runs alkaline...always! Cannabinoids and Moringa are on my "List of Good Stuff.""


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